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They contain DNA segments flanked by short inverted repeat sequences. The DNA segments, however, usually code for a number of gene products. In addition to a transposase, they may also code for a resolvase (this will depend on their mechanism of transposition) and they may contain for one or more antibiotic resistance genes: Martin E. Mulligan, 1996-2002 48 Transposons Examples of transposons that fall into this category are listed in the following table Martin E. Mulligan, 1996-2002 49 Lollipop structure of transposons 50 Two different transposons having different inverted repeat (IR) regions and carrying different drug-resistance genes 51 Tn5 transposon   i.

53 3. Composite transposons      Composite transposons are DNA segments that are flanked by an IS element at either end. In other words, instead of each IS element moving independently, they now act in concert and move together along with the intervening DNA. Each IS element is a typical IS element although only one of the two elements typically retains a functional transposase activity. The IS elements may be in the same or in the opposite orientation with respect to one another. The intervening segment often carries the genetic determinants for a number of antibiotic or other toxin resistances: 54 Transposons Examples of composite transposons that fall into this category are shown in the following table Martin E.

Coli insertion elements are listed in the following table Martin E. Mulligan, 1996-2002 45 2. Transposons    Carry additional pieces of DNA. Flanked by inverted repeat (IR) regions. Previously known as R factors confer resistance to antibiotics they can also code for toxins. 46 Transposons Jumping genes or mobile genetic elements    Transposons are also called jumping genes or mobile genetic elements. Transposons are genes (sequences of DNA) that can move around to different positions within the genome of a single cell, a process called transposition.

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